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Factory Management - GIT - General Integrated Technologies

Acquisition and Factory Management

GIT has numerous years experience designing and implementing automated assembly lines.

Factory Management - GIT - General Integrated Techno

Factory Management

Whether your industry is automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, transportation or consumer products, we can provide the custom assembly system to meet your needs.

Experts Acquire and Manage The Factory

In conjunction with investor, GIT acquires the US manufacturing facility and develops it into a highly profitable organization in preparation to be re-sold, or to operate in the long run.

The engagement of GIT will be similar to what is mentioned in “Contracted Factory Management,” except that GIT along with investors will retain equity in the business.

Factory Management - GIT - General Integrated Technologies

Factory Management

In this service GIT takes full responsibility for managing your facility, either directly as the general manager, or strategically as “General Management Support” in order not to upset the current balance of power. GIT brings in Mandarin-speaking, world-class expert factory managers and specialists who will continuously improve your facility, and make it more profitable. Engagements are based on 3-year contracts that require GIT to produce certain deliverables each year, and that reoccur on an on-going basis based on GIT’s results.

Custom Industrial Solutions

Advanced air gauge measurement systems, engineering automation, machine tool controls, North American consulting services for China manufacturers.

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